Sáblíková and Bike: Maybe I will not race this year

But not because she would continue to feel resentful against the Czech Cyclist’s functionaries due to last year’s Olympic nomination. “No, there is no grudge anymore. What happened happened, “said a twenty-one-year-old woman.

The reason is different. He’s worried about the state of his own body, he’s been so bad in recent months. It was from the last high-speed winter that it first jumped in April right into the cycling season. And then immediately started her ice preparation again.

“Then I worked with knee bones throughout the winter. My head is too tired and she wants to turn off, “she says. “I can not imagine I should go through this again. I know how I felt this February.Next year, I want to be at the start of the Olympics and I look forward to the races all the time. ”

Winter Games in Korea, the fourth in a career, is now betting online meant to do everything.

Including cycling.

Three Gold Olympic medals already have. But why do you end at three? “Coach Petr Novak, who had been able to coach her in the past, promises this time:” If Martina says he does not want to race, he will not force me to persuade her. I’ve been around for a whole season in having suffered congestion. ”

Despite that, the coach immediately reminds him: “At the Norwegian World Championship, in online betting bonuses September, there is a time trial lasting two kilometers uphill.You’ll have a great chance at it, even if you’re not specially prepared for it. ”

Sáblíková looks at him:” Yeah, that is a beautiful race. But that’s all I’m going to say. ”

The newcomer believes he would not even have to fulfill the condition to start the Championship for the nomination.

” I have a meeting with Miroslav Poc, Chief of Road Cycling Section of the Union. We’ll talk about how to go, “says the coach. “He understood that what happened last year was the fault of the union. He took it for himself. He kept himself well and wants to help us. ”

His summer Olympic dream Sáblíková can still meet in Tokyo 2020.If at that time the top athletes are still active. “But maybe next year after the Olympics in Korea, I will end up,” he says.

Those words are not foolish, with this idea hard to play. “It will not be so hot,” says Novák.